Temple Project

Major Works Done during last couple of Years for the Benefit of Public and Devotees.

The New Trust Board, with minor changes of members from previous Board, assumes office in November 2011. The Previous Board and the Present Board have shown commitment towards all round Development of Maa Samaleswari Devi Pitha. The Trust Board has dedicated itself under the leadership of President and dedication of its esteemed members to serve Maa Deity and put efforts to elevate this Devi Pitha to All India Status. The following points may please be seen to indicate the Progress achieved and completion of Beneficial works for Devotees and Public in the Temple Premises during last three years.

A. Safety and Discipline Measures
  • The Trust Board has taken some safety measures for smooth and disciplined Darshan and to prevent untoward incidents involving the Devotees. Professional Security Staff has been engaged for 24 hours guarding the Temple Complex.
  • A New Police Bit House has been commissioned at the site of Old Generator Room.
  • A Highmax Light has been installed within the Temple Complex at Rs. 5.0 Lacs. This provides to a wider area on Parking Terrace side of Temple.
  • Private Security has been engaged for maintaining discipline
  • The Boundary Walls of the Garden, Near Transformer & Urinal Complex and in front of Bhawan (old Parking Place) are being raised with installation of Grill.
  • The Trust Board plans to make the Temple Complex free of Plastic bag use.
  • Eight powerful Infra Red Closed Circuit Cameras have been installed at strategic points within the Temple Complex with recording provision of a month. This system works with success with the pleasure of Devotees.
  • In order to maintain Peace, Pavitrata and Sanctity and prevent nuiscence within the Temple Premises, Cracking Fire works, playing Loud Speaker Cinema/Disco music have been banned during social functions in Mandap.

B. Devotee Utility Services
  • A Steel Deepa Stand has been erected for use by Devotees outside the main Temple. This will prevent Deepa/Dhupa being offered within Bedha/Gambhira and will make the inside temple pollution free
  • Tiling of old Parking Place has been completed.
  • A New Water Cooler (Big One) has been installed Courtesy SBI. The SBI ATM counter will be renovated and beautified. A sweeping machine is being installed enabling the devotees for direct account transfer of their donation through ATM Card.
  • A Beautiful Silk Fiber made portrait of Maa Samaleswari has been installed on a Steel Frame at the main entrance of the Temple.
  • The Samalleswari Bhawan with fourteen furnished rooms and a Hall have been made ready for the Devotees for Night Stay and are commissioned for conveniences of outstation devotees to stay with nominal charges.
  • A 25 KVA Auto Panel Silent Green Kirloskar Generator has been installed for supply of uninterrupted Power Supply to The Temple Area at the cost of Rs. 4.5 Lacs.
  • Five beautiful/prominent Display Boards have been erected at strategic entry points of Sambalpur Town to indicate the way to Shree Samaleswari Temple (Rs. 1.25 Lacs).
  • The Quality of Bhog has been improved, the environment is maintained clean, Pavitra Environment and Sanctity is ensured. Maintenance work of any form in the entire temple complex is attended instantly.
  • The Temple Web Site has been commissioned/updated.
  • New CD Player with amplifier/speaker installed to enchant Mantras and Devotional Songs etc. in early morning/evening arati.
  • A modernized Urinal Complex has been constructed for both Ladies and Man
  • Samaleswari Mandap is available for cultural events and Social Functions.

C. Beautification of Parswa Devi Pitha and Parswa Temple
  • The Inside Temple has been beautifully coloured, the Temple and Bhawan have been repaired and made well lighted.
  • The Gold Makuta of Deity has been repaired and given new look.
  • The Lord Hanuman Temple has been renovated with nice look and is attracting Devotees to great extent (Rs. 2.0 Lacs).
  • Steel Pipe Boundary has been installed surrounding the Parswa Devis around the temple. The Temple Sides have been made beautified with White Marbel installation on the outside walls. Both these events have increased the beauty of the Temple to a great extent.

D. Beautification of Temple Complex
  • A Big Beautiful Garden has been commissioned with flowers on sides and Grass on the floor. at the cost of Rs. 6 Lacs. This will be opened to Public from October.
  • A Beautiful/Colourful Illumination/Lighting Scheme of the Temple, Park and Hathi dwara is undertaken at the cost of Rs. 25.00 +Rs. 2.5 Lacs. The Temple looks colourful with changing colours through the completion of this project.
  • New Gates on Ring Road Side and the Second Gate on the Main Road Side have been completed with a cost of Rs. 16+5=21 Lacs.
  • The Fountain near front gate has been repaired/commissioned and colourful lights have been installed.
  • Bright CFL Lights have installed around Boundary of Old Parking Place on beautiful pillars (12) have been installed. CFL bulbs also have been installed all round roof projection
  • The Ground Floor is being made usable through a mega WODC project of Rs 56 Lacs.
  • Proposal for Odisha Art and Culture painting on the external boundary walls has been submitted to Culture Department.

E. New Constructions for General Purpose
  • CFL Bulbs are also installed at the Temple and Gates to enhance beauty of the Temple. Further Flood Lights have been installed on top of Bhawan to light the New Parking Place.
  • The SBI ATM Card is being renovated.
  • A Lawn is being commissioned in the Old Parking Place for Akhra Play during Festival.
  • A Government Project of Rs. 30 Lacs has been commissioned for under ground cabling and erection of Beautiful/decorated Street Light System over a stretch of 1.5 KM around Temple Complex.
  • A New Parking Space has been prepared on the back side of the Bhawan which can accommodate a large number of vehicles. This Space also will be commissioned in October.
  • The Present Parking Space is being tile floored at the cost of Rs. 15 lacs. This will serve as Devotee Utility Space.
  • A New Building is being constructed for multipurpose hall which will be used as Jagar Ghar during Dasahara and Chaitra (Rs. 40+26 Lacs).
  • The Ground Floor renovation of Bhawan, erection of RC Wall in front of it and filling of intervening area between this wall and present boundary wall is being taken up at the cost of Rs 55 lacs through grants from WODC.
  • A PHD Water Reservoir is being constructed to fulfil the water requirement of Temple.
  • Filing of the low land beyond garden is being taken up to expand the usable space on back side of temple.
  • Tiling of inner side off temple has been completed.
  • Mauli Temple is being renovated.

F. Financial Status
  • The Collection from Hundi has gone up these days with average collection of Rs. 1.8 Lacs per month. The Trust Board wishes to thank the Devotees for this generous donation.
  • A new second locker has been taken for keeping Maa’s Alankar received through donation.
  • A Sweep Machine has been installed for enabling devotees to transfer donations directly through ATM card.
  • The Trust Board has donated Rs. 1,00,000.00 (Rs. 1 Lac) to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund as a token of charity to the victims of Cyclone Phailin.

G. Other Activities and Near Future Projects
  • The Trust Board now plans to go for a Shoe Stand. Commissioning of an Information Center and installation of Big Hoarding Display Boards are being undertaken. Proposal has been submitted for installation of first Solar Cell System for lighting installations on Ring Road Side Gate.
  • The Trust Board in association with respective committees has successfully conducted all Festivals like Dasahara, Chaitra Parva, Navarna, Deepa Yangya, Naam Yangya etc.
  • The Trust Board also collaborated with some social events and plans to organize Mega Health Camp, Bhajan Sandhya, Pala Sammillani, Citizens’ meeting etc during winter. The Trust Board has made financial provision for charity in the event of local flood or natural calamity.

H. Other Cultural Activities
  • During Chaitra Navaratra, Cultural Programs like Badi Pala, Krishna Guru Bhajan and Bhajan Sandhya has been arranged.
  • A meeting on Jagannath Sanskruti under the Sponsorship of Shri Jagannath Sanskruti Parishad has been arranged involving the Trust Members of 26 Temples of Sambalpur and around.
  • Two Day Pala Sammilani has been arranged with sponsorship of Trust Board with participation of 25 Pala Parties.

All these activities have been possible with full co-operation from District Authorities, Sambalpur Municipality, Government of Odisha, Nearby Industries, Public, Devotees, Local prominent citizens, Pujakas and local youth mass. The Trust Board expressed sincere thanks and become grateful to all and hope to receive such co-operation in future such that the Trust Board can serve with due vigour for all round development of Temple and associated areas. LET US ALL WORK TOGETHER TO OFFER OUR SERVICES FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF THIS DEVI PITHA.